Certification agriculture biologique française
Certification agriculture biologique européenne

Chateau Gaudrelle estate is lead with organic farming methods. In 2021, we have also started implementing biodynamic standards in the vineyard. Those technical and lenghty transformations are part of our ongoing process of adjusting to our environment and enhancing the characteristics of our “terroir”.

In the heart of the Loire Valley, our estate of 20 hectares (50 acres) of vineyards produces Vouvray white wines thanks to the Chenin Blanc grape.

As an organic-certified estate, we encourage the biodiversity and we give life back to the ground by working the soils. In order to not tamp them down, we also use the animal traction with a horse in the plot “Clos le Vigneau”. In the cellar, we have decided to limit the external intakes in our wines. We harvest and make our wines with biocontrol which mean we use natural mechanism to fight against harmful organisms. Thereby, the sulfur is reduced at the minimum amount. Everything is done to produce expressive white wines to give you more pleasure. The team of Chateau Gaudrelle committed itself in a new project to give more sense to our work. Nature and the people are at the heart of our thoughts and we emphasize our evolution by starting to use the biodynamic on one of our plots. We know that this new method requires more efforts and more commitment but the first results encouraged us to continue. Our clients follow us and support our project, we now count on you to come meet us, visit our estate and taste our wine.

Eric Pasquier

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  • Must be the fourth or fifth time we've stopped here on the way back to England to buy the best white wine and fizz. Thank you Marion for helping us to decide to buy more than we had originally planned to. We'll be back again next year. A bientôt!

    Kevin Rowan Avatar Kevin Rowan
    27 May 2018
  • positive review  My family and I and our dog came here for an impromptu visit on 29th August 2019. The lady that showed us around (I’m sorry I don’t think I asked your name), was very friendly and extremely knowledgable. We were walked through the cellars and shown all of the steps to the wine making process. Safe to say we all have a much better understanding of sparkling wine (not champagne), as well as the other grapes of wine made from the Chenin blanc variety; and we left laden with wine after a plentiful and enjoyable tasting to end the tour. Charming, well worth a visit and very good value for money. Thankyou 🥂

    Hollie Louise Wooden Avatar Hollie Louise Wooden
    31 August 2019
  • positive review  Très bonne accueil, bonne visite, belle découverte. Académie des Mangeurs de la Tête de Veau

    Yohann Boileau Avatar Yohann Boileau
    20 June 2019
  • Great experience! Friendly and knowledgeable! Definitely plan to visit again on my next trip!

    Bernard Jowett Avatar Bernard Jowett
    4 February 2018
  • Alex, your generosity and hospitality made our Loire trip special! We cannot thank you enough! Becca and Adam Ps. Can’t wait to cook our asparagus!

    Becca Kitchen Avatar Becca Kitchen
    21 May 2018